The football3 tournament took place on July 5th and 6th and was open to the public. Alongside the football matches, the event featured entertainment for spectators and Festival 16 participants alike, with a DJ, commentators and freestyle football performances.


The group stages divided the 35 mixed teams in four groups (A-D). Each team played against all the other teams of their group. The first matches of the tournament were important to foster team spirit as this was the first time that the teams, formed by three or four different countries, competed together.




After the group stages on July 5th and the morning of July 6th, the tournament team finally announced the eight teams that had made it to the quarter finals: Jasiyes, Blue Young Stars, Real Brenco, Yellow Young Stars, Green Dab Nation, Gum B, Tiger FC, and BIZ.


Over the course of the sunny summer afternoon the eight teams became four, with Yasiyes, Real Brenco, Gum B and Tiger FC moving on to the semi-finals.


To introduce the semi-finals, streetfootballworld Network Director Vladimir Borkovic welcomed Szabolcs Horvath Szabolcs Horvath (Member of Cabinet of Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth & Sport) on stage to greet the teams and get the games underway.


With the whole festival crowd gathered around the pitch, the semi-finals became one of the most exciting moments of the tournament. Winners Jasiyes and Tiger FC emerged to the final round.


In a see-sawing affair, team Jasiyes ultimately reigned supreme, claiming the coveted Copa Escobar in recognition of both their football skills and commitment to fair play. The team was comprised of boys and girls from Futbol con Corazon (Colombia), Uni Papua Football Community (Indonesia), Deutsche Soccer Liga (Germany) and Fundação Gol de Letra (Brasil).


The trophy was presented to the winning team by the Founder and CEO of streetfootballworld, Jürgen Griesbeck, before the 70 participating delegations came together for an emotional closing ceremony filled with touching speeches, gleaming medals and heartfelt hugs.


The mediators—the 86 young leaders trained during the Youth Forum—were crucial to the success of the tournament. They facilitated all pre- and post-match discussions and monitored each match to ensure that football3 was being implemented appropriately and intervened in rare instances when this was not be the case.