Football for Good

In recent years, football has emerged as a particularly potent tool for driving social change.

Here's how it works:

All over the world, community organisations are using football as a force for good. For them, the beautiful game is not just a game. It’s how they're changing lives.


On the pitch, these organisations teach disadvantaged young people about fair play, inclusion and respect – lessons directly transferable to life in general. Off the pitch, they leverage the universal passion for football to get their participants into social development programmes. And keep them there.


streetfootballworld would not exist without these organisations. But we are not one of these organisations. We operate on a different level. On an international level.


We have created a global network that unites more than 100 community organisations and allows them to learn from one another. We also support these organisations through our programmesinfrastructureconsultancy and events


Our work aims to generate visibility, knowledge and resources for the field of Football for Good in its entirety, ensuring more young lives are changed through football. 

Football for Good

The Gameplan

Bring global support to community organisations.
Community organisations
Use football as a tool to change young lives.
Disadvantaged young people
Gain new life skills and opportunities.