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UNICEF ambassadors for campaigns to end violence against children


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Yuwa has a mission to put girls powerfully in charge of their own futures. Founded in 2009 in Jharkhand, the Indian state with the highest rates of female illiteracy, child marriage, and human trafficking, Yuwa’s village-based football teams are designed and led by the participants themselves.


Through positive peer pressure, the teams encourage each member to stay in school and resist pressure to marry before she is ready. In addition to daily football practice, participants attend daily English classes and weekly life-skills and health workshops. Match selection is based on commitment to education, practice attendance and demonstrated character.

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Franz Gastler

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“People don’t ask their daughter’s permission for marriage. They think girls should not play or wear shorts. They think if a girl climbs a tree, the tree will die. They think only boys can do everything. But they think wrong. I have found a dream in Yuwa.”