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Hosting the Childrenā€™s Cup with 390 teams from Zambia

Bauleni United Sports Academy

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The Bauleni United Sports Academy focuses on underprivileged young people in Zambia who have been affected by the country’s poor economic, social and cultural growth, as well as its lack of resources and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

The organisation uses recreational and sporting activities, primarily football, to encourage community awareness, social involvement and sustainable development. Bauleni also aims to achieve the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals in the areas of environmental sustainability, domestic abuse prevention and health education. Bauleni has worked in cooperation with local governmental schools to promote and improve their physical education and health programmes.

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Bauleni United Sports Academy
Kaluba Kangwa

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I was dreaming that one day I will also go back to school after my mother died and my father married another woman who has been mistreating me so much. But not all was lost as the time I joined Bauleni United Sports Academy my life changed dramatically, I joined to play football but I never knew that it was more than Football, Busa is my family now and iam happy that iam back at school and playing football has given me my HOPE back. I now feel happy because I will complete school and be a doctor. Thanks to Busa and Football for Hope.

Martha Phiri