"I would describe myself as a young leader because I am firm, a good listener and trustworthy. I listen to the needs of my members and then work with them to help formulate programs to satisfy and solve their needs. I try my utmost to encourage others to reach for their goals by dreaming and acting on that dream." - Vernet Longville, Young Leader, Sacred Sports Foundation Inc, St. Lucia


The Youth Forum 2016 was once in a life time opportunity for young leaders from across the world to attend a football for good celebration, learn and put their skills into practice. Furthermore, this was the first travelling experience for most of the young leaders who had never taken a flight or left their communities before. The support of the travelling agency ProSky, dedicating endless time for booking and advice was of great importance for organising the journey of 86 young leaders coming from every corner of the world. During Festival 16, we met with Armin Truger, CEO of ProSky, to know more about his commitment to football for good.


Why did ProSky decide to get involved with the Youth Forum 2016 and Festival 16?


Due to the involvement of Pro Sky in bringing international meetings and events to life we know that huge value is created by people meeting face to face. And we saw the opportunity for aviation to help in what it is best at: crossing frontiers, enabling people to come together and to achieve beautiful things.


How do you think football can drive social change?


Frankly when I first heard about the idea I was curious but also a little sceptic. Then I became convinced quickly. Football is great to reach youth. And the methodology that streetfootballworld has developed and tested over time leads to results. We even tried elements of the football3 way of playing football during our own company event. It’s magic to see the immediate impact on gender equality and teamwork.


How does Festival 16 fit into the Pro Sky CSR strategy and agenda?


Both the concept of bringing people together for a global event as well as the topic of sport events fits perfectly to the work of Pro Sky. We assist organizations on a daily basis with flight programs to their events. And every year we support international sport events with aircraft charters and group flights for teams, sport associations, supporters, and sponsors. But if If we look beneath aviation, then Pro Sky, at its core, is a knowledge company. Our customers choose us for the knowledge we have, which gives them value, and for our project management competencies. To build knowledge we depend on education, which is not easily available for many youth. So we support the Festival, streetfootballworld and its members with the aim to drive social change with a focus on education and employability.


What was the most interesting aspect of the festival for you?

We don’t really understand the world just by watching news and reading newspapers. To personally get to know someone from another part of the world and to share experiences, knowledge and points of view, that’s how we build a deeper understanding of the world. The Festival provides a unique opportunity for these personal encounters.